Do you have a favorite interest or two? Chances are you will find a group of people who share your interests and maybe even a club that has already been formed. If not, new clubs are often started as interests shift. The committees are a bit more formal, and while everyone has an opportunity to participate, these committees do work that enhances the community and reports directly to the Master Board.

  • The Book Club meets regularly where members delve into the true meaning behind stories, the impact the story may have for different readers, and more.
  • The Film Society is currently lead by a retired NYU Film Instructor. She chooses films most people would not have seen for a very long time or not at all and moderates a brief discussion after each one. Sometimes, she will invite one of her students that has either produced, written, or directed the film.
  • All Things Considered is time set aside to discuss current events and topical issues. It is an exploration of issues, trends, and specific events attempting to gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in.
  • BDRs Entertainment Committee along with the Shows/Social Club make sure there is a continuum of fun things to do. Boca Delray hosts top acts from the region, many of whom have standing shows aboard cruise ships. The clubs also plan Sunday brunches, trips to museums, and live performances in venues in the Boca Raton/Delray Beach area.
  • Golf, tennis, bocce, pop tennis, and pickleball each have a committee to organize these sports and plan related events.
  • Cards, of course! There are organized clubs for every game as well as any number of steady games between residents and friends.
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